In 2018 we entered the crypto world by getting our first Ethereum and immediately got fascinated by the countless applications of blockchain technology. Finance, art, music, you name it and the blockchain can provide.

After all these years in crypto and NFT, we launched WowStudio in Spring 2021, one of the first NFT workrooms in Europe.

Why do we do this? Artists should receive the maximum benefit from their art and focus only on their craft. WowStudio aims to act as the bridge which connects creators and enthusiasts with the Blockchain and NFT collectibles.

Drop us a message on our social media or by email. Inspire and get Inspired.
Nick & Fo.


Director of Love

Nick is the go-to guy who makes ideas happen. Digital Media Design Postgraduate, University of Edinburgh. He enjoys drinking a hot chocolate in a rainy night.


Director of Memes

Fo is the guy with the wild ideas and genius concepts. Product Innovation Postgraduate, University of Abertay Dundee. He enjoys giving hard time to Nick. Nick claims he wants a new partner.